Be outstanding in 2019, here is how:

1. Play your cards right

Hotel keycardsmembership cards or gift cards, the card print quality is the key! Only premium quality cards make your brand and business stand out. Bring your designs and our special finishes together. Mix tactile Matt+ finish and UV spot gloss. Opt for super metallics. Go greener with our mighty Pulper paper cards, made from wood fibre. Make your cards extraordinary.

2. Work smarter

Add RFID to your event badgeswristbands, hotel keycards to create a positive hassle free environment for your guest or event goers. Don’t stop there, with the superior data gathering and the power of information at your fingertips, you can manage your hotel or event smarter, while improving customer experience. Win win 🙂

3. Keep them dancing

Events and festivals are getting better and more popular every year! That’s no accident. Think RFID wristbandsevent badges, VIP passes and cashless payment that allow for more fun and freedom while keeping everyone safer. Accessorise your event passes with comfy silky super-smooth lanyards, custom made just for your event. Now you’re all set!

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