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Information to guide you through the order process.

We want to make sure that the buying process and your experience with Oomph Made are as straight forward as possible. To support you with this, we've prepared helpful data and delivery FAQs, an insightful artwork guide and templates to make sure your print file is ready.

Step 1

Supply artwork.

If your order includes a printed code, number or UID, ensure your design illustrates placement, font and size. We have templates for all of our products in .pdf or .ai format for you to download from the link below.

Oomph Made Artwork tips snippet

Step 2

RFID & NFC encoding.

There are two types of encoding. Single encoding is where all the tags are encoded with the same data, so if you ordered 1000 cards all would be encoded with Remember to add either http://or https:// (for a secure server link) as that part will also be encoded.

Variable encoding is where each tag or batches of products are encoded with different data. In the example shown each tag has a different URL, is locked and will have the ID printed or laser engraved.

OM NFC encode data step2 2

Step 3

RFID & NFC chip locking.

You may choose to have your products unlocked or locked. If you do not want to change the data, or if you want to secure it, we recommend it to be locked. Once locked, it's not possible for us to hack or unlock again, so be sure before locking up. If you want the ability to change the data on your card or tag, you need to unlock it. Locking the tags is included in the price, if required.

OM NFC encode data step3 2

Step 4

ID printing.

ID Printing is the process of adding a unique visual print onto each product. This might be an ID or reference number, a table number, a QR code or both. The cost of this varies by product and can be seen by selecting the option on the price calculator.

OM NFC encode data step4 2

Step 5

Batch packaging.

Usually, your order will be delivered in a single batch. If you require your order to be divided into separate, labelled batches, please specify this in your Excel spreadsheet to show the quantity of each batch required.

OM NFC encode data step5 2

Step 6

UID scanning.

We scan the Unique IDentifer (UID) from each unit and provide you with an Excel spreadsheet of the UID matched with the single or variable ID print.

OM NFC encode data step6 2

FAQs - Delivery.


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