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We have added Cork's super-powers by embedding contactless RFID and NFC chip technology. Our all-natural smart card will engage your audience and turn your products into customer experience platforms with a smartphone tap. Earn brand respect - give your customers' fault-free convenience and simplicity.

Sustainability is your brand’s destination

We'll help you along the way. You'll reforest the planet with your orders, choose certified materials, and become part of a big, green movement. We’re finding new uses for materials that exist right in front of us and coupling that with technology. Choose from our four sustainable options.


Smart cork

Our material technology team engages products on digital platforms that enable brands, system integrators and developers to offer customised mobile content, drive on-going engagement, offer points, rewards, and lively brand encounters to consumers.

We do this with a clever blend or NFC and RFID technology tailored to your project.

Mock up cork


Laser engrave and print both sides.


Bendable with an RFID chip.



Take Alentejo cork, fresh air, sun, rain, add a few mechanical processes and make a smart card sheet of ready-made cork. Next bind two sheets together with natural plant-based glue and embed an RFID or NFC chip to make a flexible digital touchpoint.

Looking for a shorter shelf life?

Take a look at our Pulper cards - with a thickness of 0.80mm/0.0315" they are ultra-recyclable and perfect for conferences and events.



Originating from self-regenerating trees its use does not damage the environment.

Find your eco-friendly card solution with no confusing words or eco buzzwords. Read about our Eco Properties - the collection of characteristics of our sustainable card solutions.

MaterialAlentejo cork
Recycled0% recycled
Weight0.45 grams per card
Lifecycle12-18 months


Forest-friendly tech

Although cork is not infinitely customizable as plastic, it is positively more natural. By adding NXP HF, NFC, and Impinj RAIN RFID UHF semiconductors, we can create an environmentally friendly digital ID card. It bends, floats and gives guests a touch-free experience in the finest sustainable hotels.

Cork offers great conductivity which ensures that the read range is unaffected and can also be customised to smaller shape sizes, such as the RFID tag on our greener wearable tech range.

Stack of cork bark for wooden RFID cards

Order now, plant now

Let’s reforest the planet with your orders

By ordering cork cards from Oomph Made, you get a chance to plant trees around the world.

We teamed up with Ecologi - people who bond with nature and to help it get back on its feet. Ecologi is a non-profit environmental charity on the mission of global reforestation.

Ecologi madagascar planting 2


What extras can I get?

Signature panel, Hole, Pantone, QR Code, Barcode, Number, & NFC encoding. NFC chip technology includes NTAG213, NTAG216, Ultralight EV1, Ultralight C & Mifare Classic EV1 1k.

What is not possible?

Spot gloss, Spot matt, Gold foil, Silver foil, Metallic silver, Metallic gold, Coloured edge, Magnetic stripe & Stripe encoding.

Finishes cork

Use case / Google

Secure RFID unleashed for next-gen Google gurus

The recycled plastic RFID conference pass delivered read range, real-time traffic data, frictionless crowd control and ticket fraud protection at global Google Cloud summits.

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