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What are smart solutions?

Good question! We take a smart card or wristband with a RFID chip and add clever technology to trigger and record an action. With one tap the user can pay for drinks, receive an in-store discount or record a slow-motion rock video to post on Instagram.

We now help delegates connect at conferences, guarantee smaller queues and larger spend at festivals and power experiential wonder for brands with our wearable technology. These frictionless experiences provide the oomph you and your audience have been waiting for. Welcome to the interactive world of fabric and silicon RFID wristbands, personalised lanyards and RFID labels.

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Create a fun and memorable brand experience using experiential marketing to gather qualified leads and generate brand engagement with attendees.

New exciting opportunities for a truly personal brand interaction via experiential zones. Achieve an instant impact, while gaining valuable contacts for future sharing of newsletters, blogs and promotional messages.

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Membership and loyalty cards have evolved.

Using patented technology to identify and interact with your customer, we are able to provide a superior shopping experience. This enhanced customer visibility provides crucial intelligence to strengthen customer communication and drive your retail sales to the next level.

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Using patented technology to identify and interact with your customer, we are able to provide a superior shopping experience. This enhanced customer visibility provides crucial intelligence to strengthen customer communication and drive your retail sales to the next level.

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Safety of clients, guests and employees should top the priority list for business owners. Smart cards provide secure access and effective people movement management, with the added bonus of promoting your brand.

Make your building smarter, improve security and generate cost savings by installing our connected technology.

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The smartest media

Our Original Plastic Card has evolved. It’s now intelligent, wearable, customisable, secure and more reliable than ever before. And it doesn’t stop with plastic cards. We can integrate contactless technology into pretty much anything, take a look at our new RFID smart range.

Plastic cards

Your smart card does not have to be dull. Our unique print finishes, such as coloré edge detail and Matt+ add ultimate cut through.

Event passes

Your event passes can get the VIP treatment too. Choose our Maximin pass at 70x100mm or go large with Maximum at 90x130mm. And at 0.88mm thick, they’re the thickest passes on the planet.


Small and neat, our fabric wristbands are the perfect solution for cashless payment. Choose either printed or woven wristbands, add our unique mini-card and the RFID chip to power your event.

Silicone wristbands

Available in almost all colours of the rainbow, our softest silicon wristbands are designed with comfort in mind. Add your logo and personalisation, choose your RFID chip and rest easy – Oomph wristbands are tough and made to last.

Key Tags

Our unique Mini plastic key tag is a small and perfectly formed superhero! The thickest in the market at 1.35mm, it’s made to last. Equip with a RFID chip to ensure faster customer throughput and a much-improved experience.

Key Fobs

Our new epoxy resin key fobs – what a way to grow your social media traffic. Amplify your brand, create a buzz, and get closer to your followers with our neat NFC key fobs. Handmade and reliably encoded to interact with NFC enabled smartphones.

Stickers & Labels

Used to engage customers, manage access and even track inventory on the International Space Station, RFID stickers ensure secure and reliable digital communication. Whether it’s HF or UHF we can print and encode whichever RFID chip you choose.


Leaflets that might look just like ordinary leaflets, yet bring ‘smart’ to print communications. Revolutionising the management of print campaigns.

What you can do with smart solutions

New technologies provide platforms to help you run your business smarter, every day. What’s more, we now offer a whole range of smart products to help you link the physical experience to the digital world.

Grand Hotel Entry Gate And Steps

Hotel & Spa

Smart and efficient hotel management is the key to keeping your guests safe and happy. Our RFID room key cards help you do all that while keeping it all super simple for your guests.
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Planning a music festival, sporting event or business conference? Maximise on the versatility an RFID chip offers, then add your branding for unique event badges, VIP passes and wristbands.
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Managing safe access to and around leisure sites is critical. We’ve got the best RFID card and wristband solutions for smart access management, without taking the fun away from your visitors.
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Oomph Customer Champions care. Their job is to ensure your success.

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Managing your project and providing regular milestone updates.

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Taking you through the Oomph experience, identifying pitfalls to deliver your perfect solution.

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Providing deft advice and timely support you can rely on.

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Simplifying our plastic card range; helping you make the correct choice, every time.