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The new reality is that we can't use plastic for everything. Yes, it's long-lasting, but this is the problem, it's too long-lasting. The future of experience technology will be based on materials that are easier to recycle. If you're running a two-day event or want a short-stay card, Pulper® is the material for you. It's meant to degrade, that's the point.

Sustainability is your brand’s destination

We'll help you along the way. You'll reforest the planet with your orders, choose certified materials, and become part of a big, green movement. We’re finding new uses for materials that exist right in front of us and coupling that with technology. Choose from our four sustainable options.


Smart paper

When we couldn’t find a paper that met our standards of ultimate durability and sustainability, we invented our own.

With the addition of RFID & NFC technology, Pulper is a good way to bring your customers to digital IoT experiences in hospitality, retail, transportation and events. We can insert HF, NFC, and RAIN RFID (UHF) semiconductors with Pulper to make your solution work.



Heavyweight 727gsm fibre blend.


0.80mm with tear-resist tech.



Made of wood pulp from sustainable forests. Chlorine-free, tear-resistant and tested to be recyclable. After use, simply throw Pulper in the mixed paper bin. Reincarnation is a lovely thing.

Looking for more durability?

Take a look at our Wood cards - with a thickness of 1.4mm/0.055" they're a longer-term solution than Pulper.



Pulper has also been certified Plastic-free by A Plastic Planet.

Find your eco-friendly card solution with no confusing words or eco buzzwords. Read about our Eco Properties - the collection of characteristics of our sustainable card solutions.

MaterialWood fibre
Recycled0% recycled
Weight0.35 grams per card
Lifecycle6-12 months
WaterproofResistant only


Recyclable Electronics

By using silver ink to make a contactless antenna rather than metal, we've developed a compostable and recyclable RFID card. On paper recycling chains, landfill operations, or their emissions, our printed electronics material combination has no environmental impact.

You can now choose to have your NFC card or wearable free of metal and plastic, creating a recyclable solution to reduce the environmental impact of your company.

Materials printed electronics

Order now, plant now

Let’s reforest the planet with your orders

By ordering custom Pulper cards from Oomph Made, you get a chance to plant trees around the world.

We teamed up with Ecologi - people who bond with nature and to help it get back on its feet. Ecologi is a non-profit environmental charity on the mission of global reforestation.

Ecologi madagascar planting 1


What extras can I get?

Spot gloss, Spot matt, Gold foil, Silver foil, Metallic silver, Metallic gold, Signature panel, Hole, Pantone, QR Code, Barcode, Number, NFC encoding, Magnetic stripe & Stripe encoding. NFC chip technology includes NTAG213, NTAG216, Ultralight EV1, Ultralight C & Mifare Classic EV1 1k.

What's not possible?

Coloured edge.

Finish Plastic Pulper

Use case / Beat the street

RFID gamification for health and wellbeing

Our Pulper RFID membership card provided a more sustainable alternative to plastic to securely identify and track participants while increasing customer engagement within the community.

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