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How Michelin are adding RFID Tech to Tyres

Micheline RFID tyre

Michelin says it is working towards equipping all of its automotive tyres with RFID technology by 2023 and expects to have delivered up to 1,500,000 RFID-equipped car tyres by 2020. It notes that, among other benefits, RFID makes it possible to improve tyre management from the factory to the end of life, as well as to open up possibilities for predictive maintenance services to improve driver experience.

“We are currently working with car manufacturers on the development of algorithms,” explained Michael Ewert, VP, global sales original equipment, Michelin. “Since RFID technology ensures this exact tyre identification, it is conceivable in the future that drivers will see a tyre status display next to their fuel gauge.”

Michelin points out that monitoring of tyre conditions will become increasingly important, especially as vehicles become increasingly automated. It points out that the key advantage of RFID technology is that it is a relatively cost-effective and robust way of identifying tyres throughout their lifetime compared to many other smart sensors.

The company also suggests that RFID technology will enable functions such as advanced driver assistance systems to adapt to specific tyre characteristics through communication between the tyre and the vehicle. It points out, for example, that the winter tyre has different braking characteristics than the summer tyre, which, in turn, may have an impact on the operation of the driver assistance system.

“This fine-tuning of driving safety systems, which is possible with the help of precise tyre identification through RFID technology, will also be important for automated driving. We are convinced it represents a significant step forward in the tyre industry,” concluded Ewert.

Source: Tire Technology International

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