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Why RFID Hotel Key Cards Make for Happier Hotel Guests

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More hotels and resorts use Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to improve guests' experience during their stay. US-based Disney resorts have been using hotel room access RFID technology for the past few years, but recently announced that they will be swapping hotel key cards for MagicBand wristbands. Powered by an RFID chip, the wristband will now be able to open the door to the hotel room. This added benefit has increased popularity in the hotel and leisure sector, with more hotels and resorts following suit.

Reliable room access with an RFID hotel keycard

RFID cards can be configured in a couple of ways, depending on what type of RFID lock is being used.

Currently, the most commonly used solution is 'tap & go' where you tap the room lock with your RFID hotel key card to unlock the hotel room door.

RFID locks can also be configured in a contactless manner, unlocking the appropriate door when a guest enters certain proximity (area) of them. The RFID enabled locks can sense when the unique RFID hotel room keycard is brought within their set distance and unlock accordingly. This gives the guest the freedom to leave their key cards in their wallets or pockets and simply enter their rooms upon approaching them.

Eliminating the need to swipe a card, RFID card technology is becoming more and more popular in hotels, especially as hotel guests continue to demand a better experience.

Frictionless payments

RFID keycards can also be set up to allow guests to make purchases within the hotel or resort, making buying food or drinks easier than ever before. Using the RFID hotel key cards in this way can also assist hotel managers in tracking stock inventory, as stock levels are automatically updated when the card is used to make a purchase. Hotel managers benefit from better stock monitoring solution and are able to arrange for a quick restock to avoid any potential shortages. And, in the meanwhile, they are managing to keep their guests happy as their favourite item is never out of stock, nice!

Improve loyalty

RFID plastic cards enhance the guest experience and enable the hotel to continually introduce new technology applications to further that positive experience. The chief among these ways is using RFID hotel key cards for ease of access to hotel rooms and hotel areas (such as spa or gym), making the guest's visit go more smoothly. Using RFID room keycards as payment cards is another great solution to enhance the guest experience, helping to associate all guest needs with a single hotel key card or a wristband.

Hotel Room And Door With Keycard Lock

RFID keycards are a tremendous asset for the hotel industry, presenting a whole range of new opportunities to better guest experience during a hotel stay, making for happier guests.

One RFID plastic card, many uses. Where can RFID cards and wristbands take you?

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