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Custom Printed Personalised Plastic And Pulper Paper Cards Made by Oomph

Add purpose to your cards

Our ultra-premium cards are ready for you to get creative.

Foolproof Features

Everything you need to make your cards work.

Signature Panel

Sharpies don’t cut it so you’ll need a pen-friendly panel. Choose white or get creative with clear and add a touch of colour underneath.

Personalised Card With QR Code Feature Made By Oomph 2


Track everything by adding a number, QR code or barcode to your card. Printed in black to ensure a reliable transaction every time.

Magnetic Stripe

Invented by IBM in 1974 for the CIA and still used today. Our magnetic stripes are guaranteed to work swipe after swipe to save any embarrassment.

Custom Printed Card With RFID Chip And RFID Symbol Made by Oomph 4


Add digital technology to your card with an embedded RFID chip. Great for giving customers a faff-free contactless experience.

There’s Finishes

Our eye-catching plastic card finishes are all free, zip, nada.


The most tactile finish that just wants to be touched.


Bring photos to life with our super high gloss finish.


Luxuriously understated with a silky-smooth texture.

Then there’s Special Finishes

Eye-catching foil or a unique coloured centre we’ve the skills to make your cards shine.

Custom Printed Plastic Card With Round Edge And Colour Core Made by Oomph 3


  • Choice of colours
  • Sunshine Yellow to Pastel Pink
  • Takes unique to another level

Metallic Print

  • Pops with gloss finish
  • Makes a lasting impact
  • Choose gold, silver or bronze
Custom Printed Card With Metallic Foil Finish Made By Oomph 3

Metallic Foil

  • Instantly eye-catching
  • Retain attention longer
  • Adds elegance

Spot Gloss

  • Brings designs to life
  • Boost subtle tones
  • Adds touchy-feely texture

Sustainable Pulper Cards

Made from wood fibre our new extra-thick pulper paper cards are good for you and great for the planet.

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Pulper Paper Cards And Badges Made by Oomph 3

60% Recycled Plastic Cards

Our plastic cards are made from plastic offcuts to create more environmentally friendly range.

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Plastic Tag And Card And Badge Made By Oomph
Sample Pack Custom Printed Cards And Events Badges Made By Oomph


A small pack with big ideas

Discover our cards with unique features and finishes.

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