Looking for the perfect plastic card supplier? We’ve got top ten tips on what to look for when checking out your plastic cards printing suppliers options.

There is no doubt that you want on-time delivery, friendly customer service and a company that you can trust. This makes for a great start but there is more to printed plastic cards that you should consider before you make your final choice of a supplier.

10 top tips on what you should expect from an excellent plastic card supplier:


1. Plastic Card Supplier that uses the best quality materials


Long lasting cards need to be made from the best quality materials. Find a plastic card printing company that uses intensely vivid inks, brilliantly crisp plastic, reliable magnetic strips and quality RFID chips to set your card apart from the rest.


2. Plastic Card Supplier that offers custom Sizes


Your brand and company are unique so look for a plastic card print supplier that can match your uniqueness along with your business needs. Expect to see a range of plastic card sizes and options, look beyond just a standard size card – such as square, mini and maxi cards. And don’t forget to talk about the card thickness (yup, this is important!).

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3. Plastic Card Supplier that understand the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology


Whether you’re an event organiser, a business owner, a hotel or a spa manager, an RFID chip adds clever technology to your plastic card. RFID card can help you provide cashless payment solutions, manage your stock, provide employee and customer access security management solution. Better still, RFID technology is set to save you time, make it easier for your customers to spend money on your products, and improve customer experience. With one tap, the RFID card user can pay for drinks, receive an in-store discount or record a slow-motion rock video to post on Instagram, adding a greater purpose to your solutions and campaigns.

To make the RFID tech work for you, you need a plastic card supplier that offers the best RFID technology and a wide range of RFID chips, along with knowledge and support. An excellent plastic card supplier will help you find the best RFID chip that works with your RFID system and your needs.

What Is RFID And How Does it Work?


4. Plastic Card Supplier that provides NFC Cards


Do you want more from your plastic card? Look for NFC chipped plastic cards to feature on your plastic card supplier solutions list. Using the right software platform, your NFC plastic card can exchange data with the NFC-equipped smartphones and other devices with a simple tap or wave. You may have made a contactless payment with your bank card or even used Apple Pay, it’s all possible thanks to NFC. Gone are the days of having to scan a barcode or swipe a magnetic stripe, it’s all done automatically!

NFC plastic cards are one of the best marketing and social media tools your organisation can have. The contactless plastic NFC cards have been involved in exciting event experiences far and wide. They also help pay for travel, open doors and charge your car too! You will want a supplier that can offer you NFC chipped plastic cards and advise on how to custom NFC chips to your needs.



5. Plastic Card Supplier that offers a great range of card finishes


Your cards need to reflect your brand and personality, so the finest plastic card finish is the icing on the cake. You should be given the choice of silky matte, tactile matt or a super high gloss finish. Having the choice of finishes don’t always come at a price, some plastic card suppliers provide the custom finish options at no extra charge… that is just how good they are.

Don’t stop there, check out more special effect finishes. Ask your plastic cards printer about UV spot gloss, mirror or chrome finishes, foiling or even coloured edge detailing. Visual and tactile finishes grant your plastic cards kerbside appeal.

Discover UV Spot Gloss


6. Plastic Card Supplier that offers different pricing levels


You want to find a plastic card supplier that can offer pricing options which won’t break your budget. The best suppliers keep the pricing simple and honest, they know that the last thing you want is hidden charges, fees, or limitations at a later stage!

Ask to see how the turnaround times for plastic cards printing impact your price. If you can wait 20 working days (versus five working days) you should expect to get excellent cost-savings. So, make sure to cushion your order with extra production time and benefit from the best deals.


7. Plastic Card Supplier that ships quickly


Need 20,000 cards by Friday? Yes, that can be done! If you don’t have the luxury of time on your side and need your cards quickly, have no fear, there are excellent suppliers with short turnarounds and on time delivery guarantees.


8. Plastic Card Supplier that provides helpful art guidelines – whether you are a professional or an amateur designer


Back to your gorgeous branding… pick a supplier where you get to deal with real people, they’re there to provide real guidance and usually have a great artful eye. There is nothing worse than getting 5,000 plastic cards for an event starting tomorrow and realising that the artwork isn’t perfect or that the card’s lanyard slot is punched right over your brand logo. That’s why it’s worth choosing a supplier that cares, they know what good looks like and offer sound advice on the best solutions and finishes for your design.

The best plastic card suppliers offer a wide range of card customisations in both features and design.


9. Plastic Card Supplier that has a proven experience and good case studies


At the end of the day, you want a supplier experienced in plastic cards printing that is happy to share their real success stories. Check out their credentials and case studies before you make your final decision.


10. Plastic Card Supplier that sends you examples of what they do


Would you like to hold a sample plastic card in your hand before you decide to order your membership cards or hotel key cards? Then, make sure you choose a plastic card supplier that is willing to share their samples with you. See it, feel it, try to use it… and then you will know if this is the right plastic card fit for you.

Are you unsure about what a great plastic card looks like? To get you started, request a FREE Sample Pack from Made by Oomph, full of ideas and plastic card samples showing a wide range of finishes and features. Or get in touch with Made by Oomph to talk through your requirements.


Oomph Sample Pack With Cards_Badges_Key Tags Made by Oomph 7


Make the most of the top 10 tips


So before you click on the first advertised site you find on Google, make sure you look closely at these top ten tips. Your business – and your brand, deserve the very best plastic card so choose to work with the best plastic card supplier.

Choose a plastic card supplier that has happy customers, prides itself on personal customer service, shares plastic cards samples, offers amazing custom styles and technology options and provides services quickly with full integrity, to your budget. By using this top 10 tips guide, there is no doubt that you’ll end up with the perfect plastic cards for your business.

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