At Made by Oomph we believe that, when it comes to plastic cards, first impressions count.

Be it loyalty or membership cards, gift cards or hotel key cards. We propel your card to the forefront by adding unique finishing touches, such as Spot Gloss.

What is Spot Gloss or Spot UV?

It’s a clear varnish, available in gloss or matt that we use to add contrast to the card finish, creating the special spot-on effect. So if you plump for a gloss card we’ll apply accents of matt varnish and vice versa. This gloss and matt combination helps give your plastic cards three-dimensional flavour and it’s these visual and tactile signals that grant your cards kerbside appeal.

Why Spot UV finish?

It’s about making your design work harder by creating a unique brand touchpoint, that not only looks great but feels amazing. You want your masterpiece to be seen by the masses, bring on the blogs and social media plaudits. We think it’s a small price to pay for viral fame.

Your design. Our expertise.

Choosing where you use spot-on is where our expertise comes in! Your logo, a tagline, maybe an image all work great. For us a simple pattern applied thoughtfully works rather nicely too. The good news is we’ve got the experience to guide you along the way.

Once we know which elements of your design you want to stand out, we do the clever bit!


Plastic Cards Sunshine Made By Oomph

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