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KFC Colonels Club Loyalty Card With Smart Phone Made By Oomph 2

Loyalty Cards

Double points and free chicken too, we make plastic loyalty cards that ensure repeat business. Our unique loyalty card printing and unrivalled finishing ensure your reward program creates the same buzz as KFC and Starbucks.

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Custom Printed Card With QR Code Made By Oomph

Get Personal

  • Personalise your Loyalty Cards with unique QR Code or Barcode
  • Effortless points and rewards tracking
  • Add names or numbers for a more personal touch
Custom Printed Card With 60% Recycled Symbol And Mag Stripe Made By Oomph

Sign Here

  • A pen-friendly signature panel
  • Opt for the trusty ‘pretty in white’ option
  • Free your creativity with clear panel and colours
Plastic Cards With Colour Core Made By Oomph 4

The Big Finish

  • Flawless custom finishes to woo and engage
  • Bringing colour to the core
  • Attention grabbing metallics for a lasting impact

Customised Loyalty Card Printing

Want to encourage repeat business? With the incredibly versatile eco-friendly loyalty cards, made from the most premium materials, you can achieve just that. Our loyalty card printing experts, tips and techniques will help ensure loyalty scheme success.

Custom Printed Black Plastic Card With Yellow Core Made By Oomph

60% Recycled Plastic

Opting for cleaner plastic, your plastic loyalty cards not only look amazing, but they’re also a little more mindful. Made from offcuts, customisable for instant branding.

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Custom Printed Yellow Pulper Cards With Paper Pulper Made By Oomph 4

Organic Pulper Cards

Our Pulper loyalty card is 100% natural, made from wood fibre. Designed to shine just the same as plastic. The most eco-friendly way to reward your customers.

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Plastic Cards Lined Up With Colour Core Made By Oomph

Design A Dazzling Points Card

Double points and incentives made possible with trustworthy features and finishes.

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KFC Loyalty Card With Personalised QR Code Made By Oomph

Aquire. Engage. Retain.

Customer retention emphasises how critical it is to keep an acquired customer engaged, so they spend more with your business.

Yet businesses often struggle with driving engagement, loyalty and ultimately creating a brand community. This is where a well-though-out retention strategy comes to play.

Focusing on re-engagement and value-added marketing, loyalty programmes embark to drive repeat purchases. Be it money off offers, points collections, free products or giveaways. With impactful brand designs, our finest loyalty card can be a powerful tool in the retention toolbox, delivering unique targeted experiences.

The most successful brand loyalty programmes centre on the individual customer and their own journey with the business. Make your customers feel special with a loyalty card personalised with their name. Because it’s the little things that count.

One Loyalty Card, so many uses

When it comes to card printing, we do it all.

Custom Printed Hotel Key Card In Hands Made By Oomph 5

Hotel Key Card

Our hotel key card is guaranteed to open doors swipe after swipe, tap after tap.

Hotel Key Card

Personalised Full Colour Festival Lanyard And Festival Pass Made By Oomph 5

Event Badges

Customised for your delegates, our VIP pass with RFID creates the perfect touch point.

Event Badges

Picturehouse Central Membership Card With Popcorn Made By Oomph 3

Membership Cards

Membership card printing that is truly personal – guaranteed to make your members smile 🙂

Membership Cards

Get Me There RFID Smart Cards Made By Oomph 3

RFID Cards

The smartest technology around. RFID cards are the go-to contactless card solution.

RFID Cards

Ecotricity NFC Card And Flyer Made By Oomph 4

NFC Cards

Frictionless and fast - unique experiences start with NFC technology.

NFC Cards

KFC Colonels Club Loyalty Card With Smart Phone Made By Oomph 4

Loyalty Cards

Finest loylaty cards, perfect for grabbing attention, and points too.

Loyalty Cards

HelloFresh Promotional Card And Flyer Made By Oomph 6

Discount Cards

Essential for giveawas to promote and geneate extra business revenue.

Discount Cards

Phase Eight Gift Card Made By Oomph 5

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an awesome way to increase brand awareness while drumming up more sales.

Gift Cards

Sample Pack Custom Printed Cards And Events Badges Made By Oomph


A small pack with big ideas

Discover our cards with unique features and finishes.

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