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Customised event wristbands and lanyards

Perfecting our card range meant we had time to lend our design expertise to wearables. Having a means of communication around your wrist, neck or under your skin made sense, we all agreed ‘it’s got legs’.

We now help delegates connect at conferences, guarantee smaller queues and larger spend at festivals and power experiential wonder for brands with our wearable technology. These frictionless experiences provide the oomph you and your audience have been waiting for. Welcome to the interactive world of fabric and silicon RFID wristbands, personalised lanyards and RFID labels.

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Smart NFC or RFID chipped mini-cards are the ultimate addition to wristbands for events. RFID wristband technology is set to work hard to ensure your event is a success.

Managing “free-flow” events can be challenging. With mini-card wristbands, you gain full control over who gets in and where. Plus you have the flexibility to create designated areas for your staff, VIPs or performers only.

Choosing RFID wristbands for events means that you benefit from all the magic an RFID chip got to offer. RFID mini-cards enable cashless payment, helping to create a worry-free environment for event-goers. Hand in hand this improves the event experience, reduces queues and increases profits. Win-win for all.

Festival organisers are leading the way

Spot the clever RFID-chipped mini-card wristband rocking the festival scene, paying for beer, giving access to camping fields and escorting the VIPs!

Use hip designs for the mini-card and customised fabric wristbands to give your festival the extra wow factor. Get the design right and your festival-goers will be wearing their wristbands long after the festival took place. Now you get to enjoy the added benefit of the post-event brand exposure and social amplification. It’s all about sharing 🙂

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Durable and resistant silicone wristbands fit the demands of any spa, health club, leisure centre or even a water park.

A smart – NFC or RFID – chip gives you the means to be in control. Manage access, welcome new customers, allow for cashless payment and more. Use them as a convenient addition to your standard membership cards, for casual user identification or as an access pass. Best of all, they’re easy to use, simply slip-on and go.

Convenience and security – the perfect mix for hotels, spas and health clubs.

You’ve got the hotel key card and health club membership card covered, great. Now let us help you with the additional “small” touches that make a huge difference to your customers’ experience.

Introduce silicone wristbands to your spa, pool or gym goers, for extra convenience and security. Our silicone wristbands come in a ray of colours and are built to suit all environments, what’s not to love.

Add a smart chip – whether it’s an NFC or RFID chip, to turn your silicone wristband into an easy access key or even a changing room locker key. Now your customers can use the facilities more freely, without having to worry about carrying cards or keys. That’s just for starters.

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Seemingly functional lanyards offer a surprisingly effective branding opportunity. Whatever the lanyard width you choose make sure your lanyard is personalised and branded.

Pair your branded lanyard with the event pass and savour the view – a venue full of attendees promoting your business. Especially when the event photos and videos hit the social media channels. Cost-effective brand exposure at its best.

Lanyards are a popular choice for event staff, be it the crew or security team, let your event staff lanyards stand out with a powerful design.

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Wristbands with Swiss-army knife features

Best event and festival wristbands! Add your branding and design to make them truly yours. Embrace smart NFC and RFID technology to enhance your band impact and increase audience reach.

Mini-card wristbands

Mini-card finish

Matt, gloss, matt+

Spot-on finish

Brand design


NFC & RFID chip

QR & barcode

Customised slots for fabric wristband

Printed codes/numbering

Fabric wristbands

Customised design

Adjustable or fast-stop lock

1.5cm wide

Silicone wristbands

Printed logo

Range of colours

XS – XL size

NFC chip

How to make the most of customised wearables

Event wristbands and branded lanyards present new opportunities for impactful brand exposure and operational business benefits.

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Planning a music festival, sporting event or business conference? Maximise on the versatility an RFID chip offers, then add your branding for unique event badges, VIP passes and wristbands.
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Hotel & Spa

Smart and efficient hotel management is the key to keeping your guests safe and happy. Our RFID room key cards help you do all that while keeping it all super simple for your guests.
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Managing safe access to and around leisure sites is critical. We’ve got the best RFID card and wristband solutions for smart access management, without taking the fun away from your visitors.
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